Dangers of drunk driving

Drunk driving is the common traffic offense in most states. One is allowed to drink the much they can so long as they do not get behind the wheel. One can opt to use alternative means like a taxi back home. One also has the opportunity to have a designated driver who will accompany them but will not take any alcohol since they are responsible for driving their friends back home safely. The following are dangers of drunk driving.

Why you shouldn’t drive while drunk



When one is drunk, they have poor judgment and vision as well. This can make it easy for one to cause an accident which they could have avoided if they were sober, and in the process cause loss of life. When drunk, one does not see the road signs. The following are ways of how alcohol makes it easy to cause an accident

Reaction time

When alcohol is flowing in one’s system, they are unable to respond quickly to situations. This slow response time makes the chances of an accident very high. For instance, if there will be need for one to apply emergency brakes one may not be able to process the whole thing fast hence end up causing an accident

Lack of coordination

Use of alcohol affects one’s motor skills. The most affected parts include eyes, feet, and hands. This may make it difficult for one to coordinate themselves properly while on the road to avoid a dangerous situation. One may also find it difficult to get in the car and even to keep their car on the road.

Lack of concentration

Alcohol has negative effects on one’s concentration. Driving requires one’s total concentration so that they can be aware of what is happening on the roads. Concentration is necessary for keeping the car in the lane, monitoring of speed and the traffic signs and lights. Alcohol makes one lose concentration significantly increasing chances of an accident occurring.

Poor vision

One’s vision may become blurred after the consumption of alcohol. As a result, one is unable to control their eye movements hence difficult to judge the distance between one’s car and the other cars. One may also find it difficult to see the road signs.

Poor judgment

Taking alcohol impairs one’s judgment which is very necessary when one is driving. This makes it easy for one to cause an accident which could have been avoided.

Health consequences

sjdbvjkabsjkdvkjasbdvkjabsdjvbkjsdbvkjaskdjvbkjasdbvasvsdaDrinking alcohol is bad for your health even if you do not drive while drunk. This is because of the much damage alcohol does to one’s liver and the other parts that are affected by alcohol. It becomes worse when one drives while they are drunk. This is mainly because one puts themselves at the risk of injuring themselves since they can easily cause an accident. One can even die, or they can get maimed for life. This may leave their families overwhelmed by the much care and medical costs that they will incur after the accident. This may also take a toll on their health because they will have to worry much about you.